Club1BR is a community on a mission.

We are committed to raise 1 Billion Readers. English language proficiency improves academic prowess and leads to better employment and lesser inequality. As leaders, teachers and parents, this is our mission.

We measure our progress via RM minutes and the BR rank and leaderboard.
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Club1BR is an exclusive rewards platform.

Members get free community access, upskilling workshops, apps, books, discounts, and so on - a new list of rewards every quarter.
Schools get the coveted BR rank, a prestigious marketing currency that is used to communicate the school's real achievement to all stakeholders including parents - current and future.
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The Freadom App

Members get 6 months (and more) free on The Freadom reading app, an award winning "good screen-time" app built in collaboration with Stanford University.

There are over 2000 books from top publishers like Penguin, HarperCollins, Tulika, etc. Plus, there are engaging activities and daily inspirational news. The focus is on improving English.

Download the app here.

The BR Rank

A school's BR rank goes up when its children spend more time reading on the Freadom app. We publish BR rank leaderboards every month.

Schools use BR rank to let all stakeholders - management, parents, and even prospective parents, know about how well the school is doing relative to other schools.
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The Teacher Community

Teachers use the Club1BR community for daily motivation and support - to feel connected. Or when they want a doubt cleared, or to attend a workshop - for upskilling.

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Mission Critical

As per UN data, 55% of Indian children aged 10 from private urban English medium schools learn language poorly. The World Bank calls this is "learning poverty."

The National Education Policy (NEP) recommends ‘reading hours’ every week in schools. But that's not enough, especially in the pandemic and post pandemic era.

That's where Club1BR comes in.
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Who Are We?

Club1BR is seeded by Stones2Milestones (S2M). Started in 2009, S2M promotes English language proficiency in children of ages 3-15 through multiple products. This is our website.

Club1BR is more than just S2M. We are a community initiative with multiple partners and well-wishers who have come together for this mission.

If you believe in this mission and want to join hands, drop us an email: